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  • Why should I shop via e-shop?
    E-SHOP online shopping is more convenient than when buying from the cashier in AquaCity. All tickets to the Aquapark and Wellness Centre are discounted by 10% compared to purchasing from the cashiers. You must purchase at least 1 day in advance. There are various stock products and packages on sale at ESHOPE.
  • Do I have to own an AquaCity Club Card if I want to shop through the ESHOP?
    There is no need to own a Club card even when buying a family packet.
  • What products and services can I buy through ESHOP?
    In our E-SHOP we offer you the possibility to buy tickets in the form of electronic vouchers or gift vouchers for Aquapark, Wellness Centre, hotel stays, massages, spa, beauty treatments or tickets for various events. They are a good gift for your loved ones or friends.
  • Is registration via ESHOP required?
    Registration in E-SHOPE is not mandatory. By registering you will get additional benefits and information about possible stock products and offers. You also have an overview of your orders.
  • How do I pay for an order?
    You can pay by credit card via VUB Ecard, Trust Card, Trust Pay or by bank transfer from your account. When making a bank transfer payment, please send your payment by bank transfer to our bank account. Please use your order number to identify the payment. Your order will only be available after you have credited the entire amount to our bank account, which may take a few days. When paying  via VUB Ecard, Trust Card or Trust Pay and entering electronic vouchers, your order is equipped immediately.
  • How fast will I receive a gift voucher or an electronic voucher?
    When paying via the VUB Card, TrustCard, Trust Pay gateway, we will send you tickets in the form of gift vouchers by mail within 2 business days of receipt of payment. When paying by bank transfer, we will send tickets only after the money is credited to our bank’s account, which in case of different banks extends the time of order processing by about 5 working days.
  • Is it possible to send gift vouchers via email in the form of a voucher?
    Choose an electronic voucher for your purchase. A voucher will come to your email after you have credited our account.
  • What is the validity of the gift vouchers and tickets?
    Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from purchase, except for special offer products. The expiration date is indicated on each gift voucher or ticket. The validity period for hotel stays is at least 6 months.
  • What is the possibility of delivering and collecting vouchers?
    When paying for your order, you can select the delivery method in your cart. We send the tickets by registered letter to the address given in your order, where the shipping fee is € 2.2. The second option is personal collection from the cash desks in AquaCity Poprad on the 2nd floor. We will issue your order based on your order confirmation from E-SHOP, which will be sent to you by e-mail and ID.
  • Can I give away the tickets?
    Tickets are nameless and without prices resp. purchase value. We do not send receipt for your purchase and gift voucher value when you order by post. Order confirmation and tax receipt will be emailed to you by email.
  • We have decided not to use the gift voucher and tickets and return them. How do we proceed?
    You can cancel your order within 14 working days from the date of the contract for the provision of the service (i.e. from the date of order confirmation by the seller)
  • How do we proceed in the event of a claim or cancellation of an order?
    Please send any claim or cancellation of your order by e-mail to and use the withdrawal form you received in your order, or you can download it here.
  • What should you do if you did not receive an electronic voucher by email?
    Contact us at and check the email you have entered in your order.
  • Do I need to have an electronic voucher printed?
    It is enough to show your voucher on your mobile phone.